Marijuana and the Workplace
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Written by: Karin Garner

Is Marijuana Allowed? What are the current attitudes?

With marijuana being partly or fully legalized in many states, employers and employees are often confused about what attitudes about marijuana they will encounter getting and keeping employment

Medical Marijuana

If you have a medical marijuana prescription in a state where medical marijuana is legalized, does this mean you can apply to a job and test positive for marijuana without being discriminated against or losing an employment opportunity?

Unfortunately, the answer is not an automatic yes. Different employers have different policies. Generally, for the time being, testing positive for marijuana while seeking employment is a strike against you even in states where it is fully legal. So, your best bet is to make sure you are clean when you are applying for a job, even if weed is fully legal in your state. If it is inadvisable for you to stop taking your medical marijuana, you need to ask the employer ahead of time if they will test for marijuana and if showing your legal prescription will make it so that you will not be discriminated against. Be discreet in finding out the policy. You may want to ask the HR person without revealing who you are so that the person responsible for hiring isn’t tipped off that you are using marijuana, especially since you can still beat the drug test using detox methods even if you have used recently. 

There was recently a controversy stirred up by none other than Elon Musk.  He was seen smoking marijuana on the Joe Rogan podcast, yet former prospective candidates for employment and former employees of his had been terminated for testing positive for marijuana. He therefore revealed a double standard for himself, taking on a privilege not afforded to his employees even though the state of California where this occurred is a fully recreational and medical marijuana legalized state. Therefore, discreetly find out the marijuana policy for any prospective employer before you show up to apply for a job or if already hired, before you are randomly drug tested. 

Under the influence at work:

if you have a medical marijuana prescription, a chronic pain or anxiety condition may make it necessary for you to take your medicine on the job. If this is the case, before you imbibe, make sure your employer is not going to hold it against you. You would rather comply with the policy than to later try to sue the employer for discriminating against you for having unique medical needs or requiring accommodations sanctioned by your doctor. 

How to beat marijuana drug tests

If it turns out that your employer is not marijuana friendly, but you have a medical need to use marijuana, you may have the option of using your medication and using detox methods to beat pre-employment or post-employment drug tests. Keep in mind that no detox method is foolproof. You will have to do your research and may even need to practice beating the tests by using detox methods at home and using pharmacy bought drug test kits to be certain you can beat any type of drug test you may encounter. 

Saliva tests

Saliva drug tests are the most rapid drug tests. Salvia tests will only cover drug use within the past 72 hours and is most effective to detect drug use that is basically happening within about 24 hours. You therefore have a very good chance of passing a saliva drug test even if you have used marijuana recently. However, saliva drug tests are often unannounced, random drug tests done on the job.  So, how do you detox? 

The easiest way to pass a saliva drug test when you have used marijuana recently is to use a peroxide mouthwash. Simply get regular peroxide from the store. Do not get any ultra- strength peroxide. You’ll just burn your mouth and it’s not necessary. The stuff from the grocery store works great. It is an oxidizer and it will oxidize any marijuana resides in your mouth. The trick is that since this will likely be a pop up, gotcha drug test, you need to have the peroxide in your desk. Ask to use the restroom before your test, and just take a sip of water, put your peroxide in your mouth, swish for 30 seconds to a minute, then spit it out. Then go take your saliva test, you have a very good chance of passing no matter how recently you have used marijuana. 

Urine Test

Urine tests can be beaten by a method called dilution. Dilution will dilute the drug residues in your urine and replace the electrolytes, b-vitamins, and creatinine that needs to be present in your urine. Simply buy a detox drink such as Mega Clean by Detoxify which contains creatine, b-vitamins, electrolytes, a diuretic, and 24 to 32 ounces of water. You need to take it 2 hours before your drug test. If you don’t have any of this, you can just eat a large piece of well-seasoned steak or any red meat and drink 24 to 32 ounces of water with a pinch of salt and baking soda 2 hours before your test. Pee a few times, then submit your test sample. 

Hair Test

If you have a hair test, you can use the Macujo Method instructions here, or the Jerry G. Method. The Macujo Method uses oxidizers and bases to remove marijuana residues from your hair. The Jerry G method is simply bleaching and dyeing your hair twice, 10 days apart and is scientifically proven to remove marijuana residues. 

Good luck and good tokes. 

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