Is Car Sharing the Transportation of the Future?

Written by: Peter Minkoff

A relatively recent trend that has been reshaping traffic around the globe, car sharing is highly likely to become a standard in the years to come as more and more car owners venture to join online carpooling communities and help make the world a better – and greener – place. While naysayers frown and scoff at the idea of car sharing as the future of transport, the trend only keeps rising with each passing day, especially in urban areas where pollution is at its peak. If you are not sure if car sharing truly is the transportation of the future, here are a few pieces of evidence that speak volumes in favor of the developments in the traffic sector.

1. Waving Goodbye to Consumerism

In the world where a rising number of families own more than one vehicle, it looks like carpooling is about to make a revolution in traffic and help slice consumerist habits. Let’s face it: although many people still buy a vehicle even when they don not need one, more and more people are coming round to the ideas that less is more in all segments of life and that sharing means caring for the environment as a whole, as well as other people. The green switch is likely to persist despite COVID-19 as a growing number of people are losing their jobs and opting for low-cost transport which car sharing offers.

2. Reducing Personal Carbon Footprint

Since car sharing made a big entrance, it has become much easier to find transportation locally, without the high costs of bus fares in tow. Being an eco-friendly commuter is not only good for the budget, but also for every individual who takes their role in the community and environment seriously and wants to help save Planet Earth from pollution. Nowadays, it is simple to get a ride to your destination just by installing a smartphone app: in a matter of taps, you can slice your carbon footprint and find an affordable way to reach your destination.

3. Slowing the Pace of Urbanization

As fewer cars on the road mean less local traffic, car sharing can even help alleviate the intensity of urban expansion and slow down infrastructural urbanization. Until recently, building roads and expanding infrastructure were the only ways for authorities to reduce congestions on the road. With carpooling in the mix, freedom of movement will remain as high as ever with minimal needs for construction of new roads and it will also open the door to bigger investments in other sustainable practices. This is one of the hottest trends in the U.S. and Australia, where the figures are tipping the scales in favor of a cleaner and greener future. If you are new to the car sharing game, you might consult specialists in car share in Sydney to help you find the best way to get to your destination without any risky elements in the mix.

4. Cutting Down on Fossil Fuel Usage

Oil and gas have been one of the major drives which have brought around a continuous rise in air pollution, but it looks the time has come to put an end to this. These days, electric and hybrid vehicles are reshaping the trends in automotive industry and despite the considerably higher vehicle prices and somewhat more complicated maintenance, it seems that the future can only get greener in the years to come. This is one more factor in the carpooling arena which is yet to gain new ground as an increasing number of drivers and passengers are becoming aware of the advantages of innovative vehicle models that can help curb fossil fuel usage and long-term fuel costs. The trend can only grow in the future as more and more car manufacturers begin to awaken to the new opportunities on the competitive automotive market.

The switch to sustainable living is getting faster as days go by, and it looks that car sharing will become another trump card up Mother Nature’s sleeve. From lifestyle changes and greener traffic habits to reduced need for urban expansion, car sharing is bound to transform the way we travel, so if you’re still not among the members of this transportation trend, you should do your best to jump onto the carpooling wagon soon. After all, sharing is caring for both our own wellbeing and the future of the planet as a whole.

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