Imagine Innovating in an Unknown Landscape

Imagine innovatingin an unknown landscape, preparing experiments to be run in a place you’ve never been before, knowing a ton of money and reputation depend on your preparation and the results.

Such was the opportunity presented to the Jet Propulsion Lab and 23 years ago today, they set out on their journey to Mars.

But, such is always your task with innovation. Your landing spot? The future. Your experiments? Run in real time when you get there. But that’s the crazy thing about the future. It’s so full of surprises! You don’t know what’s going to happen! You don’t!Sure, you can look out into the future and imagine what’s out there. you can already see some of it. But a lot of it’s pretty blurry. Some things are obscured. But, if you’re thoughtful, if you’re passionate, if you’re energetic, if you’re intentional, you can discover a future that’s better than even the one that you’re imagining right now! You really can!“With a parachute that could not be tested... to the late addition of an unwanted rover... the Mars Pathfinder mission was a doubter’s dream, taken on by a mostly young group of engineers and scientists guided by a grizzled manager known for being a maverick.”Yet the results were breathtaking and opened up a whole new world for dreamers like you and me!Related: Listen. Borrow. Experiment. Innovate.