How Women Advisors are Turning Business Planning on its Head

Women are making a seismic shift in an industry that once seemed unshakable. Women clients are one of the fastest growing, most lucrative markets for financial advisors from now on. The demand for more female advisors is creating cracks in what was once considered a male fortress.

While the industry recognizes the value women advisors now play in building stronger, more productive relationships with clients, they continue to corral women by enforcing measures of success that do not inspire or motivate them.

Think about the end-of-the-year business planning process (an essential yet dreaded activity); in most cases, the business planning process starts with numbers...

  • How many new assets?
  • How many new accounts?
  • What revenues do you want to generate next year?

From there, you work backward, leading to your yearly, monthly, and daily activities….ughhh.

These top-line goals should be your primary motivation and how you measure success, but...

For most women advisors, money is NOT their primary motivation!

Making an impact, doing meaningful work, and managing your time and schedule to feel good in all aspects of your life drive many women. Money becomes a byproduct of achieving what is essential and meaningful to you. 

Instead of starting with the numbers, list three meaningful statements that would make this year exceptional for you and trust that the money will follow. 

As an example, here are femXadvisor's 2023 Success Measurements:

  1. Provide a more intimate and meaningful coaching experience. 
  2. Challenge the industry to consider a more productive path for women advisors.
  3. Ways to stay fresh, energized, and inspired both professionally and personally. 

Everything we teach and do at femXadvisor is different.

Why? Because women are different.

We know this industry was designed by men, to help men attract men, with no judgment, just reality. 

Yet, as women, we are different, not better, not worse, just different. So how we approach our business and how we define our success can also be different. 

Done. Now You Know.

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