How To Get Clients & Prospects To Take Action


As an advisor, you will have to combine your technical abilities with high-level communication that will influence your coaching skills The art of practicing the influential aspects of your role as an advisor actually begins with your mindset. 

It is important to understand the motivation behind your goals and to make sure that you always put the client’s interests first. The second most important factor is never to avoid telling your clients the truth. You have a fiduciary duty to do whatever it takes within ethical boundaries to get them to take the right action.

Are you ready to re-evaluate your goals to create the right emotional connections and tie-ins, get some breakthroughs, and lead your client to success?

In this episode, I talked about:

  • (2:31) The major problem in the industry 
  • (3:53) What two domains should a great advisor master
  • (5:00) How do you influence a person
  • (10:06) The role of logical conversations in understanding the client's needs 
  • (11:26) The most important trait of a true advisor 
  • (12:58) The need to constantly evolve to match the needs of clients
  • (14:32) Understanding your role and identity to become a better advisor
  • (16:18) Getting a better picture of your purpose and finding your "why"

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