Financial Services: No One Can Do This Alone


Recorded at the Market Counsel Summit. Presented by: 

"I think we've learned so many lessons. While in quarantine. Over the last couple years, we have refocused we recenter we reprioritized. And people are coming to this conference. They are refreshed. They're energized. They are engaged well beyond my wildest imagination.

I want to talk to people about the impact that their quarantine had. And contrasting that with getting together. The unilateral answer has been Yes. Like, I want both, right. I want the focus and the concentration that I got from a work from home scenario. And I want to reengage. I think we've all learned that no one can do this alone, right?

We all need one another in order to succeed and accomplish our business objectives. And coming together here at the MarketCouncil Summit 2021. It's so heartwarming. It feels like a family reunion. And I don't even like family reunions. And it feels like the way a family reunion should. So I'm, I'm thrilled to be here. I don't think you can do everything virtually.

I think there are certain things that require a human connection. And I'm a big tech guy, like I love the virtual stuff. I love the technology that brings us together. But it doesn't really bring us together, right? It makes us feel like we're together. And I think what we're sensing is that there is reason for people to converge. There's reason for people to be in person. There's debate, there's dialogue. There's things that don't happen by phone or by zoom that happened when you're standing face to face with one another.

So I think I think the one thing advisors need to do is they need to engage, right they need to jump in they need to be part of it. They have to understand that just having a talk open on the corner of their screen is not going to do it right. They have to be part of the dialogue." — Brian Hamburger, Founder of the MarketCounsel Summit and the Hamburger Law Firm.

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