Education Trends For 2022

Written by: Peter Minkoff

The field of education has seen some drastic changes in recent years. From advancements in technology and the global pandemic to constantly changing opportunities and priorities, there are a number of factors that have impacted education in quite significant ways. As a result, new trends and tendencies are starting to appear in the industry, and here are just some of the most prominent ones we will be seeing come 2022:

Customized online learning

While recent global events might have put online education at the forefront, the internet has also encouraged students to take learning into their own hands. There are classes for nearly all subjects available online, from knowledge sharing platforms to free university courses anyone can complete. By being curious about learning and exploring subjects of interest independently, students can involve themselves directly in the education process and fuel their passion for knowledge. This helps to increase independence, boost problem-solving skills, and prepare students for further education, which is why personalized online learning will become even more prominent in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into education, mainly by providing more dynamic and personalized classrooms. AI-powered solutions are able to analyze the learning histories of students, identify any weak points, and offer the best options for improvement, thus providing a more customized learning approach to each student. But it can be quite beneficial for teachers as well. AI can automate tedious and repetitive tasks, and even provide instantaneous feedback on student engagement and performance, effectively freeing up time for teachers to focus on more important responsibilities. For this reason, AI continues to expand in education, and is expected to reach a 40% growth in the following years.

The use of study notes

The rise of technology combined with the need for customized learning also gave way to more unique solutions. In Australia, for instance, students attending the Monash University often utilize helpful Monash notes for their studying needs. Being accessible anytime and from anywhere, these extensive databases offer study notes, past assignments, and other relevant resources from former students who have completed the same degrees. In turn, these beneficial notes give students access to additional study material and useful guides that make learning a simpler and more streamlined process, which might explain their sudden increase in popularity.

The importance of creativity

In countries like the US, on the other hand, the recent years have seen a new emphasis on creativity. Even though this aspect was often overlooked in education thus far, creativity is still considered to be among the most essential soft skills a person could have by teachers, parents, and employers alike. That is why teachers are focusing more on creativity in the classroom, whether that means utilizing the help of technology like fun games and interactive presentations, or simply the available classroom materials in a traditional setting such as arts and crafts supplies. This focus on creativity has already shown an increase in critical thinking, problem solving, and student retention, and is likely to continue into 2022 as well.

Social-emotional learning

Although the name itself might not be liked among parents, most of the skills taught in social-emotional learning are quite popular. This unique approach to education focuses more on developing self-control, self-awareness, and specific interpersonal skills that are crucial for academic, professional, and personal success. By integrating interesting materials into the classroom and providing a more supportive learning environment, social-emotional learning has been shown to increase student retention and overall educational achievements, which is why it will likely gain even more popularity in the upcoming years.

As with most other fields, education is continuously evolving and improving as well. While the trends mentioned above might be some of the most popular tendencies we will be seeing in 2022, new research, strategies, and tools will hopefully bring even more innovation in the near future.

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