Are You Being Cheap With Yourself?

Several years ago, I realized that I was being cheap with myself over something pretty silly – tissues. I always bought the store brand, never the “Puffs Plus Lotion” or the “Kleenex Ultra Soft.” Allergies plague me almost year-round, so I use a lot of tissues.

My mom stayed with me for a few days while she was recovering from hip surgery. She left behind a box of Puffs Plus Lotion when she returned to her third-floor condo. I felt like I hit the lottery – YAY! Soft tissues!

I felt a little sad when I used the last lotion-infused tissue and tossed the box in the recycle bin. Then a thought hit me, “You know, you can afford to buy the soft tissues! Why are you being so cheap with yourself?”

The next time I went grocery shopping, I stocked up on the good, brand name, super soft tissues. My nose has never been happier!

I’m telling you this “tale of the tissues” because many of us are being cheap with ourselves in some form or fashion. There is something we want that will add real value to our lives but we don’t allow ourselves to have it even though we can afford it!

Maybe we’ve been brainwashed into believing that we can’t be financially healthy and enjoy our lives at the same time.

Do feel like you should always buy things on sale, off the clearance rack, or with a coupon? Do you feel guilty if you don’t?

"But it's not on sale!" you might say. I call this the "Discounter's Disease."

There’s nothing wrong with scoring a great deal, BUT you’re not going to coupon your way to prosperity. (And I used to be a self-proclaimed Coupon Queen, so I should know.)

When I’m coaching my clients, we focus on optimizing their income and redirecting spending to what’s most important to them. We spend almost zero time talking about couponing, discount shopping, and cutting expenses to the bone.

That’s no way to live and most of my clients aren’t in a position that they need to.

The other danger of Discounter's Disease is that it can infect your business.

I know, because it happened to me. For many years, I undercharged for my services. I constantly discounted my courses and programs. I undervalued myself. 🙁

That finally stopped when I realized I had emotional baggage around feeling worthy of being paid FULL PRICE. I dug up the root of that money trigger, healed it, and moved on.

This means I’m not discounting my programs and courses any longer. I know the richness they contain and the results people get. They don’t need to be on sale for people to buy them! My courses are an amazing deal at full price.

If I run a promotion, it will be because I’m ADDING in a special bonus (like 1:1 time with me), not because I’m lowering the price. Let me tell you, it feels good to own my worth and feel 100% comfortable with my pricing.

I want to know: In what area of your life are you being cheap with yourself?

Maybe you need to invest in a personal trainer, better quality food, a monthly massage, or financial coaching to get your money situation straightened out…

Is there something you’re putting off buying even though you can afford it (without going into debt)? Are you accepting a cheaper, less satisfying, substitute?

I encourage you to have a more expansive money mindset. Not one that is focused on scrimping and scraping, lack, and barely getting by.

You were made for more! More prosperity, more success, and more of the things that will enhance your life and help you achieve your goals.

But first, you have to quit being cheap with yourself.

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