6 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy When Working 9-5

If you work a 9-5 office job, it can take a toll on your body. You might notice that your immunity is affected, that your body tends to hold onto weight, and that you're more susceptible to fatigue during the day. While breaking out of the routine may not be an option right now, there is much you can to maintain and even improve your health if you take the time and make the effort. Here are several areas to focus on.

1. Work Out at Work

If you have an hour lunch break, you've got some time to take a walk outside. If you were planning to email a co-worker, skip down the hall and talk to them instead. Remaining in a chair for long hours will stiffen your back and slow your metabolism. The more frequently you can break up your sitting sessions, the better you'll feel.

2. Prioritize Nutrition

The best way to stay energetic and healthy is to eat home-cooked food that's rich in healthy proteins and vegetables. If you prepare your food at home, you can control your ingredients and calorie intake more easily. When you get home, instead of lying on the couch, and eating fast food, heat a healthy meal that you've prepared in advance or cook something simple. It's a great change of pace from your job. Need an extra boost? Try supports such as power life supplements.

3. Get Immune

Being in an office environment means that you'll likely be exposed to many people. That means exposure to germs that you wouldn't get being outside or staying at home. Keep your immune system in top form. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, wash your hands regularly, and eat nutrient-dense foods. Keep your family and community relationships positive, as well — another key aspect of maintaining a strong immune system.

4. Try Yoga

Due to long hours sitting, a high percentage of office workers develop back problems over time. Besides the dangers of long-term degeneration, a stiff back will affect your mood and your sleep. There are ways you can counteract this tendency. At every opportunity, stand up and engage your back muscles, stretching, and moving in different directions according to your mobility. For example, take phone calls while standing up and stretching as you talk. Try desk yoga, also. Consider a standing desk; there are many good ones on the market at various price points.

5. Drink Coffee in Moderation

Although many offices keep the coffee pot full all the time, drinking too much throughout the day can make you feel jittery and affect the onset and quality of your sleep. Losing sleep over time sabotages health. If you feel that dip of energy in the afternoon, try something other than coffee that'll give you a boost. Low-glycemic fruit, protein snacks, or herbal tea can help raise your energy gently.

6. Forego Happy Hour

Deciding not to take part in long alcohol-fueled happy hours is an investment in your health. It'll also help your finances as well. Regularly adding beer or wine calories to a day of sitting is likely to add inches — and over time, affect your mood. Making happy hour an occasional thing makes it less routine. The social value of happy hour is valuable — find ways to socialize without making sitting at the bar a focus. 

9-5 jobs do provide health and safety advantages over other types of occupations. You're much less likely to experience a hazardous work environment. Also, having regular hours is a plus; it's easier to maintain a consistent sleep schedule that way. Even with these advantages, many find that it's more of a challenge to keep healthy after a few years of working at an office job. With some effort and intentionality, you can avoid some of the pitfalls and achieve a healthier lifestyle while maintaining a 9-5 office job.

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