5 Reasons Why the Fitness Industry Is Actually Thriving During Covid-19

Written by: Peter Minkoff

One would imagine that with the gyms closed, the lockdown in full swing across the globe, and other preventative measures in place to slow down the pandemic that the fitness world would collapse. Lo and behold, the persistent industry remains not just up and running, but perhaps stronger than before. It seems that more people are becoming aware of the importance of being resilient, and the role of various fitness strategies in achieving said goals.

Despite the many restrictions and limitations, which will stay in place indefinitely for many parts of the world, there are specific causes that keep the fitness industry strong. Understanding the impact of fitness on the current pandemic, and vice versa, can lend us an insight into the various reasons that make this industry so pivotal not just for the economy, but for our long-term health and wellbeing.

The superfood surge

As one of the pillars of health, nutrition has become a top concern for people wanting to improve their immune systems and resilience in the face of Covid-19. Knowing that we often suffer from various deficiencies, people have started turning to dedicated health food stores.

The demand for organic, local, seasonal goods and superfoods has been on the rise, as one of the most predominant preventative measures people have started taking to protect their health.

Supplements in the spotlight

Most people today have little time due to their fast-paced lives to truly invest enough to plan out their meals and eat exclusively healthy food. Some will indulge in fast food and takeout, while others will simply stick to their irregular meals at home. To keep up with their fitness requirements and reduce nutrient deficiencies, people have turned to the supplement industry, another branch of the fitness world that’s on the rise.

Both professional athletes as well as regular gym goers can benefit from taking the best preworkout supplements to ensure optimal energy levels during training and to boost recovery rates after their training. This trend alone has empowered the supplement industry to grow and to provide their customers with various solutions to accommodate their preferences. It’s a convenient way to help people enhance their nutrition and keep their energy levels high, while taking away the stress of any complex preparation.

Health insurance

The value of healthcare has skyrocketed in the previous months, so naturally, insurance companies have also had to adapt their policy prices. Add to that, many companies have been overwhelmed with requests, and unable to accept more clients with the surge of patients dealing with Covid-19. However, one factor in determining the prices of health insurance policies works in favor of every individual: their health and fitness levels.

Now more than ever, it has become essential both for individuals and for companies paying for private insurance to provide evidence of physical activity levels and to ensure that their employees are healthy. In a sense, taking care of yourself with the help of regular fitness activities pays off.

Progress-driven wearables

In some parts of the world, the lockdown rules have been removed, and now only certain precautions prevail, such as wearing masks and other protective gear. As for fitness-specific gadgets, this industry has flourished to embrace tech every step of the way to personalize each fitness enthusiast’s journey to a healthier lifestyle. Today, we have access to apps to help us improve our diets, but also wearable gear for monitoring our health with specific biometrics.

To boost motivation and to add another functional element to training, people can also choose from a wide selection of gym wear geared toward better performance, support, mobility, and injury prevention. Now more than ever, people are happy to invest in these items, too, for the sake of boosting their health and performance in and out of the gym.

The online world of fitness

The perception of what is deemed essential has changed to include fitness activities – as it should be. In every shape and form, regular physical activity and proper nutrition allow us to thrive as human beings, and they are the pillars of our health. Although it doesn’t take a pandemic for many to understand that investing in fitness is key to our wellbeing, there are some that have started changing their lifestyle for the better in recent months precisely because of it.

Now, even in lockdown and outside of gyms, people are gladly investing in alternative, now mainstream forms of exercise provided online. Professionals tailor customer-specific workout systems and plans to help people not just lose weight, but retain their strength, endurance, and stamina during the pandemic. Despite not being able to go to the gym or use different training facilities such as dance studios, tennis courts, and swimming pools – fitness has found various ways to blossom online.

Like so many other industries amidst this crisis, the world of fitness has found various ways not just to adapt, but to thrive. Thanks to these and other effects the industry has on our wellbeing and long-term health, fitness will remain a relevant and blooming business sector that will become even stronger once the pandemic ends.

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