4 Ways Science and Innovation Are Shaping the Beauty Industry

Written by: Peter Minkoff

In recent years more than ever before, Mother Nature and science have been working hand in hand to deliver smarter, more sustainable, and effective beauty solutions for demanding global customers. We, as a population, have grown accustomed to continuous development, and when it comes to beauty, we expect nothing short of extraordinary. Fortunately for the fans of all things beauty-related, more brands are beginning to utilize science-driven solutions and industry leaders are doing their best to bring forth innovation at every turn.

While this year has been less than fortunate for many, the beauty industry included, as the world is slowly reeling from the pandemic’s impact, we can expect the most renowned beauty giants to lead the way in scientific innovation. Here’s what trends we can expect to arise in the near future and how they will reshape the industry as a whole.

Beauty is going green

On one hand, more companies in every industry are beginning to focus on different ways they can contribute to protecting our planet and lowering their wasteful effect or carbon footprint. With a similar future in mind, beauty brands are turning to sustainability practices that are now proving not only to be more cost-effective than ever, but a core selling point to keep their brand presence prominent. 

Thanks to advanced and continuously evolving recycling and reusing practices, beauty companies are switching to these smarter, digitized solutions. Many have introduced refill policies, as well as recycling plastic packaging, or switching to clean energy solutions in their production lines. Wherever you look, the beauty of green is changing how brands position themselves, trying at the same time to reduce costs and to retain customers for the long haul.

Technological innovation 

Since the skin is our first line of defense and our largest organ at the same time, we have started treating our skin as one of our greatest health assets. Knowing how vital both skin health and aesthetics are to the modern customer, beauty brands are turning to solutions that both preserve the integrity and health of your skin and heal it to restore its youthful radiance and smooth texture. Take acne care as a perfect example. 

Not only are the most forward-thinking beauty centers using carefully designed topical acne treatments, but they also utilize diverse acne removal procedures, from laser treatments, to mesotherapy. With cutting-edge laser technology and innovative cocktail concoctions with potent vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, people can now help their skin recover from what were once lasting scars.

Turning to Mother Nature

In the pursuit of success and health, beauty brands have started shifting towards minimalistic ingredients that Mother Nature provides in abundance. This not only emphasizes the social and environmental responsibility of the brands in question, but it also boosts transparency, enabling the customer to understand exactly what each beauty product contains.

Science helps in those efforts by providing invaluable data and research on the effect each and every ingredient ensures for the customer. It seems that as we advance in research and innovation, the most effective beauty solutions are the ones that are the simplest: non-toxic ingredients, naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants, and cruelty-free vegan products are slowly becoming the leading names of the beauty world. 

Gadgets to help with beauty and skincare 

In addition to medical technology in providing advanced, personalized skin treatments, technology emerges as yet another driving trend in the beauty world, in the form of numerous skincare gadgets. These handy tools provide professional-level care available for individuals at home, so that they can pamper their skin at every turn.

From tech-empowered hair removal at home, to light therapy, all the way to facial massagers, the industry is growing fast in an attempt to provide more accurate, effective, and seamless skincare tools for everyday use.

While some beauty brands have always had a preference for using science in their business model, a growing number of names in this industry will need to leverage scientific and medical discoveries in order to retain their competitive advantage. These trends will surely benefit the business, but also the customers who are slowly turning to value-driven brand selection rather than mere affordability. Values dictate the shift of these tides, and hopefully, beauty will stay true to the ways of science.

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