Do Investors Read Print Media?

Many people feel that print media is dying, especially with the increase in internet usage and availability of online versions of print media. Despite the obvious decline in this source of information, investors are still using this media platform to access investment information and news.

The Wall Street Journal is looked at by three-quarters of investors, according to recent research from Spectrem Group. Fifty-seven percent of investors look at Forbes, while 45 percent look at the New York Times. Financial Times is looked at by 40 percent of investors, and the Washington Post is looked at by 39 percent of investors. Crain’s is viewed by only nine percent of investors. Despite these print sources being looked at, many investors are skeptical of these publications.

Given the wide variety of options available, it is helpful to be aware of the print media sources that investors are least skeptical of. It is not surprising that the most widely viewed print media, The Wall Street Journal, has the least number of investors that are skeptical of. Only 29 percent of investors are skeptical of the Wall Street Journal. Just over a third of investors are skeptical of Forbes, and 38 percent of investors are skeptical of the Financial Times. Over two-thirds of investors are skeptical of the New York Times, while nearly three-quarters are skeptical of the Washington Post.

The Wall Street Journal is also the most preferred print media among investors to use for their financial information. Fifty-three percent of investors prefer using the Wall Street Journal for financial information. Sixteen percent of investors would prefer to use Forbes for receiving their financial information, while 15 percent prefer the New York Times.

Even though many investors use print media, they are still wanting to see more information from these sources. Over 60 percent of investors would like to read articles in print media about financial topics, while 42 percent want to see domestic and international economic trends analysis. Thirty-eight percent of investors would like to see more basic investing education through print media, while 36 percent would like more basic investment education from print media.

Print media is not going to die tomorrow, so investors need to focus on the print media sources they trust, and seek out the information they are looking for through these sources.

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