Winning Strategies of Elite RIAs (Part One) with Mike Watson

Axos Advisor Services is an RIA custodian that delivers individualized attention, intuitive technology, and knowledgeable consulting support to financial advisors. In his role as the head of RIA Custody there, Mike Watson is in a unique position to observe, understand and help advisors make sense of the constant evolution of client expectations and their own business models. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Mike talk about Axos Advisor Services recent research study: “Winning Strategies of Elite RIAs”:

  • Who are these elite RIAs, and what makes them “elite”
  • What characteristics make them unique
  • Strategies that make RIAs more productive and profitable
  • How elite RIAs define themselves differently from others in the same space
  • Why their service model and use of capital sets them apart
  • How are elite RIA fees different from other, and whether or not Mike sees a change coming to fee structures

Resources:  Axos Advisor Services

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