Why Some High-Income Earners Are a Hot Mess

Contrary to popular belief, more money won’t fix your financial problems! (If that were true, then celebrities and professional athletes would never go bankrupt.)

In this episode of Money Is Emotional, Christine Luken, Financial Dignity® Coach, talks about why some high-income earners are a hot mess and how they can climb out of the seemingly never-ending spending cycle.

Christine discusses: 

  • How you can a have high income and still struggle financially
  • How high-income earners and business owners can live freely and avoid living on a strict budget
  • What a “Dream Session” is and how it can help alleviate the societal pressures of keeping up certain appearances 
  • Why not asking for help leads to getting caught in the money shame cycle, and how to get out of it
  • …and so much more!

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