Why Millennials & Gen Xers View Money Differently

Money, cryptocurrency, investing, and the use of mobile assets are four areas where millennials and Gen Xers share different viewpoints. For most Gen Xers, embracing new technology is a daunting task.  

Is there a way where we can bridge the gap between these two generations?

In this episode of The WIN Podcast, What’s Important Now, Corey Heimensen introduces us to two millennial members of his team. First, his son Zed Heimensen and second Ryan Metzger. Zed & Ryan are financial advisors with Heimensen Wealth Advisors. They discuss why using mobile assets such as online banking can be beneficial and why millennials & Gen Xers view money differently.  

Ryan & Zed discuss:

  • Why online banking is an asset for them
  • How their views on money differ from older generations
  • Why investing in the Cryptocurrency market isn’t an asset
  • The importance of embracing mobile assets 

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