Understanding & Healing Money Wounds With Emily Wilcox

It’s rare to find a person without emotional money baggage. Most of us have at least one money wound haunting us from the past. What’s yours?

Dive into this episode with Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, as she hangs out with the fabulous Emily Wilcox, the Money Healer and Business Guru. Emily reveals  her own money wounds  and how they inspired her to make it her medicine to help fellow female  entrepreneurs. Ever heard of the “Money Shame Wound” and “Hard Money Wound”? Emily breaks them down and lets us in on her secret to make those money wounds vanish!

Christine and Emily discuss: 

  • Emily’s journey from money mishaps to financial finesse, and why she’s passionate about guiding entrepreneurs on a similar path
  • The skinny on money wounds: What they are and the signs you might have one
  • Unraveling the mysteries of the “Money Shame Wound” and the “Hard Money Wound”
  • Emily’s effective strategies to smooth out those financial creases
  • And more

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