Top Reasons for Advisors To Embrace Podcasting with Candice Carlton

If you’re not podcasting yet, the question is…why not?

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined again by Candice Carlton, Head of Advisor Growth Marketing at FiComm Partners. They unpack the benefits of having your own advisor podcast, even if you’re not sure your clients are listening to this medium.  Candice also shares a solution for advisors who are dreaming of starting a podcast but aren’t sure how to make it happen (hint: FiComm x ProudMouth’s 30-day podcasting workshop!).

Candice discusses:

  • Why podcasting is the foundation of FiComm
  • How they’re helping advisors create podcasts and share their knowledge with their ideal audience
  • What aspiring podcasts can expect from FiComm x ProudMouth’s 30-day podcasting workshop
  • How podcasts can be a vehicle to drive change in people’s lives
  • And more

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