Tips to Help Your Elderly Parents With Money

As a family caregiver, knowing when and how to help your parents with their money is not an easy feat. 

Kris Dureau understands the transition is often awkward to navigate. That’s why he’s providing the guidance you need in this episode of The Ride: Life, Work, and Wealth.

This week, Kris reveals five must-know tips to help you lead your parents with their money. He highlights that not every parent requires immediate financial assistance and explains why it’s better to work with them according to their own time and pace.

Kris discusses:

  • Signs that indicate it’s time to help your parents with their money
  • Ways caregivers can ensure they have access to the documents they need to assist their parents
  • Reasons why you should be aware of your family finances
  • The importance of constantly updating the family will 
  • And more!

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