The Real Power Behind a Power of Attorney

As we get older, we want to be sure our and our family’s money is in the right hands.

But it is not always as simple as it sounds, and some minor mistakes can lead to horrendous consequences for the whole family.

In this episode, David Pulcini sits down with associate attorney Neil Lyons, ESQ, from Luhrsen Goldberg to talk about everything you need to know about setting up, or being a power of attorney and how to avoid some mistakes that could cost you your financial stability. 

David and Neil discuss: 

  • What is a power of attorney and what that entities you the power to do 
  • If you can take power of attorney over someone without their consistent 
  • How to not inform someone they are your power of attorney 
  • Some common mistakes that are made that turn out to be disastrous, not only financially but emotionally 
  • And more

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