The Power and Importance of Capturing Family Memories

Memories are invaluable. Everyone has their own story, and family stories are what maintain the family culture that can easily be lost over time. 

Will you let those memories fade — or will you capture them through visual storytelling? 

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie is joined by Mike O’Krent, founder of Life Stories Alive. With a passion for helping families tell their stories, Mike details his background and how he got started with Life Stories Alive. Plus, he showcases just how powerful and important storytelling is by sharing some of the experiences he’s had through his years interviewing families.

Mike and Kevin discusses: 

  • ”01:26” Mike’s background and how he got started in creating Life Stories Alive
  • ”11:51” Mike talks about his experience speaking on a TedX stage
  • ”13:45” How you can convince family members that their stories are worth telling
  • ”21:22” The biggest regret Mike hears from people he interviews
  • And more

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