The Potential Long Term Impact of Equity Negotiations

Unsure whether and how to ask for more equity when negotiating your new compensation package?

The 30 minutes you spend negotiating your new employment agreement could change the course of your entire future, and negotiating for more equity can be the driving force for that change.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Brooke Harley, Founder and CEO of Class Rebel, to shed light on compensation negotiations and explain ways to ask for more equity. Brooke discusses Class Rebel’s role in preparing their students and arming them with the foundational key terms and concepts that make up an equity agreement.

Brooke discusses: 

  • The potential long term impact of equity negotiations
  • The importance of understanding the basics of stock option plans and how they work
  • The value of seeking out a competing offer
  • Understanding what’s negotiable in an equity offer and what’s not
  • And more

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