Success Begins With Listening Deeply to Your Clients with Michael Scaplen

Michael Scaplen is the senior vice president of sales and relationship management at Axos Clearing, a full-service clearing firm and custodian serving introducing broker-dealer and registered investment advisors.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Michael talk about the importance of being technologically nimble and delivering seamless, outstanding customer service in today’s environment. They also discuss the pillars of Axos’ business model and how it can empower advisors to better serve their clients.

You will also learn:

  • Why the pillars of Axos’ business are unique in the financial services industry.
  • Why Axos is committed to being light and nimble in its approach to technology, and how that benefits advisors.
  • How Axos puts the advisor first in everything they do, and how that, in turn, helps advisors deliver a better experience to their clients.

Resources: Axos Clearing