Serving the Ecosystem of Financial Services with David Goldman

David Goldman is the Chief Business Officer at Pontera. Pontera is a platform that helps advisors manage 401k and other held away accounts without taking custody. Pontera enables growth by allowing advisors to manage and trade their client’s retirement accounts as part of a holistic portfolio.

Live from our fall Advisorpedia Podcast Pop-Up in New York City, Doug and David discuss Pontera’s ability to serve the entire network of the financial services company and the introduction of professionally managed held away accounts.

They also discussed:

  • How Pontera serves the entire network of the financial services company from the individual advisor to the home office to compliance and supervision
  • How advisors can introduce the concept of professionally managed 401K accounts to investors, and the reception from these clients
  • The reaction of this introductionand how the current financial climate affects these conversations
  • How advisors are addressing these real concerns for clients, beyond the actual portfolio investment strategies
  • The demand for financial advisors during this time of market volatility, particularly for retirement accounts

Resources: Pontera