Rapid-Fire Q&A with James Pollard

James Pollard founded The Advisor Coach, LLC, with a simple goal: to help financial advisors build their businesses. He is one of the youngest coaches in the financial services industry, and his brash, honest approach backed by his deep expertise has helped tens of thousands of advisors to date.

Today’s episode is a little different. Doug unleashes rapid-fire questions on James, all with the goal of helping you take a hard look at how your firm approaches marketing.

What is working out there? What is not? Where should advisors spend their marketing time and dollars? 

  • What three pages are most important on your website?
  • Should you bother to blog?
  • Is email marketing worth it? 
  • Which is more effective – social media or email marketing?
  • Things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about podcasting.
  • Why you should love LinkedIn.

Resources: The Advisor Coach | The Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

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