Planning for Health Insurance Before You Retire with David Seiger

If you’re approaching retirement or starting to think about retirement, finding the right health insurance has probably crossed your mind.

In this episode, Jeremy Finger, CFP®, and David Seiger, J.D., LTCP, discuss all things long-term care and health insurance. David shares the first thing he brings up to his clients when they are looking for health insurance, and what retirees need to think about when choosing the right provider and plan for themselves.

David discusses:

  • The first thing he talks to his clients about when it comes to choosing health insurance or a Medicare plan
  • What retirees need to think about as they approach the age of 65 with regard to finding the right insurance provider and plan
  • The differences between Medicare and health insurance for retirees under the age of 65
  • The distinction between Medicare and long-term care insurance, and the decisions retirees may need to be aware of
  • And more

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