Passion Under the Hood of Portfolios with EJ Kahn

EJ Kahn is the Founder and Managing Partner at SLK Private Wealth. SLK offers distinctive wealth management solutions for individuals and families who seek a partner who can provide all-encompassing financial expertise founded in genuine care for their success. 

Live from the Sanctuary Oasis Conference in Las Vegas, Doug and EJ discuss the principles behind SLK Private Wealth and the attributes that have contributed to the firm’s consistent growth.

They also discussed:

  • Why Kahn was drawn to the vision behind Sanctuary Wealth and its management team
  • The principles the practice is originally centered on and how they have shifted over the years
  • What Kahn attributes to the firm’s consistent growth since joining the team 
  • The decision behind remaining an active manager as a practice 
  • Navigating volatility in the markets this year
  • How Kahn’s team is differentiated on both sides of the balance sheet

Resources: Sanctuary Wealth | SLK Private Wealth

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