My Simple Trick To Get Prospects to Finally Book an Appointment

You’ve hosted a workshop or a webinar. Prospects came. You crushed it. People seemed interested. Maybe you even had a couple specifically say to you… "Please call us to set something up! We’ve been needing to do this for years".

Yay, a warm lead!!

You follow up a couple of times… to no avail. So, now what!?

Today I am going to share with you a simple way that you can let a prospect know that you are done following up with them , that you’re still interested, not desperate, but here if they want to talk. AND how do it in a way that is polite... but calls them into action.

Introducing what we called in my practice: The Lost Cause Letter.

This was an integral part of our follow up process for years… that undoubtedly drove results. It's my favorite simple trick that moved a lead into an actual meeting.  And now, it's yours.

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