Moving Investment Banking into the Future with Richard Rappaport

Richard Rappaport is the founder of WestPark Capital Group, A full service investment banking and securities brokerage firm which serves the needs of both private and public companies worldwide, as well as individual and institutional investors.

In today’s episode, Doug & Richard talk about investment banking and what the future holds for the industry. They also discuss:

  • Why it’s getting more difficult for individual investors to participate in investment banking
  • How investment banking is becoming more international, and what countries Richard is working with
  • Is increased regulation affecting investment banking
  • What WestPark Capital Group focuses on, and how that benefits their clients
  • Where Richard is seeing an increase in transactions
  • How the last 18 months affected WestPark Capital Group
  • What the future holds for investment banking and WestPark Capital Group

Recorded at the Axos Clearing Leadership Summit

Resources:  WestPark Capital | Axos Clearing

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