Meeting the Needs of Retirees with Sheryl O’Connor

Sheryl O’Connor is.the CEO and Founder of IncomeConductor. IncomeConductor is a proprietary, cloud-based tool that allows advisors, firms and individuals to create customized, time-segmented income plans that can be easily tracked and managed throughout retirement .

Live from our fall Advisorpedia Podcast Pop-Up in New York City, Doug and Sheryl discuss what advisors should be doing to help individuals plan for a successful retirement and how the IncomeConductor tools can assist them.

They also discussed:

  • The major challenges faced by the financial services industry, specifically regarding retirement income planning
  • Advisors falling into the trap of becoming excited about the accumulation phase of investing, then eventually losing interest by the decumulation phase
  • The difference between todays retirees, the baby boomers, and their parent’s generation
  • How IncomeConductor meets the needs of today’s retirees versus traditional financial planning tools
  • Advisors reluctancy to provide their clients insurance products and why that is
  • The huge opportunity to help retirees be successful in retirement and the lack of help for advisors that IncomeConductor saw and pursued

Resources: IncomeConductor

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