Let’s Change ‘I Can’t Spend This Money’ to ‘I’m Choosing To Spend This Money Later’

Have you ever wondered why we choose instant gratification over long-term rewards?

In this episode, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken uncovers the psychological and biological factors behind our saving habits. Christine discusses how to conquer present bias, save for safety and pleasure, and master the art of delayed gratification. 

Discover how emotional factors influence saving attitudes and why saving isn’t just about restricting spending. Get ready to supercharge your financial strategy with smart goal-setting, automated savings, and more.

Christine discusses: 

  • The emotional factors behind saving money and how to recognize + curb poor saving attitudes
  • Why saving money isn’t the opposite of spending money
  • How to start implementing visuals reminders & delayed gratification in your finances
  • The role of an emergency fund in your financial plan + how to start making yours
  • And more

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