Keeping Focus on the Long Term Trends with Ed Butowsky

Recorded at the Axos Advisor Services — Focus on the Future Conference in Denver Colorado

Ed Butowsky, the managing partner of Chapwood Investments, has been helping high net worth clients protect and grow their wealth for over 25 years to promote even more success.

Live from the Axos Advisor service conference, Focus on the Future, in Denver Colorado, Doug and Ed discuss investing with a focus on the long term outcomes and the importance of an education in money management.

Also discussed:

  • How Chapwood Investments evaluates portfolios differently and efficiently
  • The trends investors should be looking out for
  • The impacts on inflation and the housing market
  • Ed Bustowsky’s youtube series titled “Making Sense with Ed Butowsky” and its benefits to their clients
  • Opinions on cryptocurrency 
  • Recognizing the direction of trends as an investor, with a focus on the long term 
  • Working in the world of sports and how to Ed approaches money management for athletes
  • How to teach the next generation about investing and saving for their future

Resources: Chapwood Investments

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