How to Secure a Future For Your Special Needs Child With Keith Wolak

Setting up a special needs trust for your child with special needs is always a tough conversation to have. But having that conversation in the first place goes a long way in easing stress about the future.

In this episode, Tim Scannell is joined by Keith Wolak, an attorney and Certified Public Accountant at Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP for a conversation around special needs trusts. Keith speaks about both trusts and special needs trusts, and examines the risks and benefits of each, and how they work.

Keith discusses:

  • The difference between a trust and a special needs trust
  • The variance in special needs laws in different states, and why it’s important to speak with someone in your state about the laws
  • The process of setting up a special needs trust
  • Why creating a plan and having a conversation about special needs trusts is important
  • And more