How to Plan for a Financial Windfall with Susan Bradley

Receiving a financial windfall, such as winning the lottery, may seem glamorous to those of us who never have. Still, even if half of the news articles or TV shows covering lottery winners are accurate, it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. 

While winning the lottery is a bit of a rarity, a windfall could include events such as selling a business or receiving a large inheritance. And for the listeners of this podcast, that probably includes your company making it to IPO. And if you’ve been there long enough, maybe you just went from a negative net worth with school loans to a multi-millionaire overnight. But the key point remains the same. If you don’t take time to plan before and after receiving the cash, you run the risk of ending up another statistic, along with those who had it and lost it. 

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Susan Bradley, Founder and CEO of the Sudden Money Institute, a think tank designed to help recipients of financial windfalls understand how to make smart decisions around their new-found wealth. Malcolm and Susan tackle topics such as what goes into planning for a sudden financial windfall, as well as the psychology behind the choices people make when they unexpectedly receive a large amount of money. 

Susan discusses: 

  • How we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable change that come along with life
  • What criteria are considered a financial windfall, and why it’s subjective
  • How her organization trains financial professionals to work with people who have suddenly come into a large amount of money
  • How to find and hire the right team of financial professionals to help guide your financial decisions once you’ve experienced a financial windfall 

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