How To Market Yourself As an Expert With Kristen Luke

Every advisor we’ve helped niche-out has said, “This is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself!”

When done right, niche marketing helps advisors attract more ideal clients and skyrocket their business!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Kristen Luke, the founder and president of Kaleido Creative Studio. They share the ultimate guide to positioning yourself as an expert in a niche you’re passionate about (and is profitable at the same time!). Through easy steps and real-world examples, you’ll learn how to pick the best niche and excel. 

Kristen discusses:

  • What type of advisor benefits from an expertise approach to marketing
  • Why, in order to be an expert, advisors must focus on a niche
  • How to start engaging with your target market (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Ways to measure success before going all-in on your niche
  • Major pitfalls in niche marketing –– and how to avoid them
  • And more

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