How To Help Women Thrive, as Advisors and Clients

Whether they’re on the giving or receiving end, most women despise prospecting, selling, and closing.

So, if you want to help women advisors thrive and also appeal to women clients, you need to understand what resonates with them.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Adri Miller-Heckman, a returning guest and the founder of femXadvisor. Adri reveals the femX model that helps you move from hard selling to building long-term relationships –– a model she’s used to coach hundreds of female advisors.

Adri discusses:

  • Why women advisors are like peacocks among penguins
  • How to tap into the largely underserved female clientele
  • How podcasting fits into the femX approach to attracting clients
  • Every reason to have a femXadvisor on your team
  • And more

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