How To Fix America: Politics with Mike McCabe

There are many ways we could improve our politics, but where do we begin?

In this episode, Jeremy Keil speaks about America’s politics with Mike McCabe. Mike brings a few issues to light that he believes Americans should address and proposes some ideas for where we can start. He talks about how gerrymandering is the root problem, how unionization affects our political representation, and the problems with our current left vs. right thinking when it comes to elections.

Mike discusses:

  • What he did to give himself the leeway to take some time off and focus on some passion projects
  • Why he believes gerrymandering sums up the problem with America’s politics
  • How unionization has changed the way the American working class is represented politically and affected their voice
  • Why Americans need to get out of the left vs. right political system mindset, and instead focus on an up vs. down representation of the powerful vs. the American voters
  • And more

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