How (And What) Financial Advisors Should Outsource

Most financial advisors know they shouldn’t do everything themselves.  You’ve probably heard it before - figure out the type of work that makes you the most money and outsource the rest. Easy, right?  But most financial advisors never outsource anything. It’s not because they like doing everything themselves. Most are afraid of someone screwing up and wrecking their business. 

What if a VA treats a client badly? What if your social media manager posts something offensive that makes your clients leave?  It might seem scary, but you can outsource parts of your business to free up your time and make more money.

In this episode, you’ll find out exactly how to get more freedom with outsourcing (without worrying about someone else ruining your business).  Want more free time and less stress? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

How to make your business more efficient by reading every email yourself (even if it seems like a big, fat waste of time). (5:10)
Why most financial advisors waste more time after outsourcing tasks (and get no extra clients) (12:44)
The weird way outsourcing grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning can skyrocket your profit margins (19:56)
Why dropping $10 on lunch per day is a better investment than putting it in an index fund (22:54)