Helping Advisors Transform Their Practices with Brad Bueermann

Brad Bueermann is the chief executive officer of FP Transitions, a specialized business consulting firm dedicated to wealth managers and independent financial advisors. With a full-service, concierge approach to supporting advisors during key points in their life cycle, they offer comprehensive, coordinated, and customized solutions to achieve long-term, sustainable business growth. 

Doug and Brad caught up at the MarketCounsel Summit and talked about FP Transitions and how they have continued to grow and stay connected to each other and their clients over the past couple of years. They also discuss

  • Why advisors get “itchy” to make a change
  • How growth looks different for every advisor
  • What questions should advisors be able to answer about objectives in making change
  • What is really challenging advisors right now
  • Advisors are not retiring – how are they going to blend with the next generation of advisors entering our industry
  • What Brad is most excited about in 2022

Recorded at the Market Counsel Summit.

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