Grow Your RIA: Perfection Not Required

Can embracing imperfection be the key to your success in growing your RIA?

Tune in to the Full Advisor Coaching Podcast with Kristin Harad for a compelling exploration of the ‘perfection paradox’ in the financial advice industry. In this episode, Kristin shares how striving for unattainable perfection can impede effective action in areas like niche marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Kristin’s insights offer a practical approach to overcome these challenges and enhance client communication.

Key Highlights:

  • The Perfection Paradox: Kristin shares a personal story that underscores the pressure advisors feel in delivering quality advice while learning how to let go of perfection tendencies.  
  • Action Over Perfection in Content Creation: Discover the value of Seth Godin’s philosophy about prioritizing action over perfection in marketing
  • Balancing Perfection and Practicality: Learn about the ‘implementation gray zone,’ a middle path that emphasizes progress and practical action over perfection
  • Incremental Progress Inspired by Atomic HabitsThis segment, inspired by James Clear’s work, discusses the benefits of small, consistent improvements in marketing strategies
  • Quality vs. Perfection in Content Strategy: Explore strategies for developing quality content that’s effective yet not hindered by the quest for perfection
  • Embracing Feedback and Adaptability: Understand the crucial role of feedback and the need for adaptability in client relations for authentic communication
  • And much more!

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