Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with Bobby White

“Fear only will slow you down. Fear will only make you hesitate.”

Welcome to Disruption Blueprint, the podcast for independent financial advisors who want to crush everything and take their A-game to the next level. This episode is brought to you by RFG Advisory with your host Shannon Spotswood and Bobby White, Founder and CEO of RFG Advisory as guest. Bobby White is our fearless leader, devoted to helping advisors pursue their dreams and maximize the value of their independent practice.

“Finance had always been intriguing to me,” Bobby says. With 22+ years of industry experience as a financial advisor, Bobby lends his life lessons and hard won wisdom in this episode. But like all heroes, the story doesn’t begin there.

In this episode, Bobby guides us through the varying stages of his life, laying down brick by brick the foundation of what would be RFG. We discover a bit about Bobby’s childhood, Bobby’s career background, and the story of how Bobby founded RFG. We were built from the ground up, torn down, and built again.

There are a lot of gems in this episode. Thanks for joining us in this episode of Disruption Blueprint, where we empower independent financial advisors to be the CEO of their practice, not the COO.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Big welcome to Bobby (02:57)
  • Rookie of the Year: The history of Bobby’s career background (03:47) 
  • Identifying what you do and don’t want to do in a career (07:32)
  • Growth Crusade: the story of how Bobby founded RFG (09:22)
  • Starting an RIA during a financial crisis and thriving (010:55)
  • Tripling the size of the firm over an 18-month period. What’s next? (17:02)
  • How Bobby and Shannon connected (18:22)
  • Building RFG 2.0 (20:52)
  • Be the CEO of your practice, not the CEO (25:46)
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with smart people (27:29)
  • Disrupting yourself and disrupting the status quo (32:50)
  • Scaling up and building the RFG 2.0 capacity (37:00)
  • Bobby tells us a bit about his childhood and growing up (41:57)
  • Moving out of the family home and building confidence (49:00)
  • What Bobby calls “the best sales presentation I have given in my entire life” (51:40)
  • Get 1% better every day (56:36)

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