Focus to Build a Future-Ready Practice with Anand Sekhar

Anand Sekhar is the vice president of practice management & consulting for the Fidelity Institutional® group inside Fidelity Investments. Fidelity Institutional is focused on helping advisors build successful, future-ready businesses.

Doug and Anand sat down at the FSI OneVoice Summit and talked about trends Anand is seeing for financial advisors in the industry today. They also discuss:

  • What tasks are sucking away advisors’ time? And what can advisors do to help evaluate & improve how they spend their time?
  • How the advisor experience has changed – and hasn’t changed – over the past few years
  • Why client segmentation continues to matter to advisors
  • Things advisors should keep in mind in planning for the transfer of wealth to the next generation of investors

Resources: Fidelity Institutional | Flyer Financial Technology

Recorded at the FSI OneVoice 2022  Presented by: