Financially Smart Things To Do Before You Travel

Looking to plan your next getaway without breaking the bank or relying on credit cards? 🏖️

In this episode, Austyn Whittenburg discusses the many financially smart ways to travel. Listen and learn about the importance of planning, budgeting, and using credit cards with travel perks to avoid going into debt. 

Austyn shares insight through his own experiences and strategies, such as setting up a travel fund, using various tools for cost-effective options, and taking advantage of credit card benefits like free checked bags, TSA PreCheck, and companion certificates. He also advises on avoiding international transaction fees and the benefits of using a travel agent.

Austyn discusses:

  • Common misconceptions about traveling in the modern day
  • The process of setting up a “travel slush fund”
  • How to find the right credit card with the best travel perks for your needs abroad
  • How to avoid unnecessary travel expenses (International ATMs, booking your flights too late, and so much more!)
  • And more

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