Everybody’s Crushing It: Shopoff Realty Investments

Our topic on today’s episode of Everybody’s Crushing It, is commercial real estate, and my guest is Daniel Oschin, Chief Strategy Officer at Shopoff Realty Investments, a national real estate investment firm that primarily focuses on proactively generating appreciation through the repositioning of commercial, income-producing properties and the entitlement of land assets. 

Headquartered in Orange County, California, Shopoff Realty Investments uses a multi-disciplined approach that enables the firm to uncover opportunities that others may not capitalize on or recognize. The company’s practiced investment method includes a fundamental analysis of real estate markets supplemented with expertise in entitlement and adaptive reuse strategies. 

In today’s episode, Daniel and I discuss 

  • How his path led him to commercial real estate and to Shopoff Realty Investments
  • The difference between core and opportunistic approaches to real estate investments
  • Shopoff Realty Investments’ Magnolia Tank Farm property in Huntinton Beach and the research, strategic planning & collaboration that has gone into bringing the project to fruition
  • What Daniel thinks drives investor and advisor appetite for one type of alternative investment over another
  • Shopoff Realty Investments’ Dream Hotel project in Las Vegas and their opportunity in developing property in a qualified opportunity zone
  • What Daniel is excited about in Shopoff Realty Investments’ future.


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