Earn Your Audience’s Trust Through Vulnerability with Gavin Hammar

Most of us want to avoid airing our mistakes. Especially on social media. And especially if we’re brand leaders who are hoping to build credibility with our audience and gain their trust.

This week’s guest has discovered that showing this level of vulnerability online is the best –– and maybe the only –– way to earn his audience’s trust. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Gavin Hammar, the founder of Sendible. Gavin shares why authenticity breaks the trust-barrier with prospects and clients. And best of all, he unpacks his process for writing stories that show vulnerability –– so that you can try out his method. Gavin also talks about the “unscalable” activities that’ve played significant roles in delighting his clients and moving his company forward.

Gavin discusses: 

  • What makes Sendible stand out from from their competition
  • How Gavin realized it was time for him to sell Sendible
  • His unscalable methods for collecting client feedback
  • How being vulnerable breaks down the trust barrier on social media
  • Why trust-based marketing is the future of marketing
  • And more

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