Do I Have To Use a Realtor To Sell My Home?

As retirement inches closer, it is important to consider your living situation and what your most desired outcome will look like once you are in your golden years. 

In this episode, Eric Blake is joined by Jules Hicks, co-founder of Aunt Ida’s House. They discuss how Aunt Ida’s House helps seniors sell their homes quickly when transitioning into assisted living or nursing communities. 

Jules explains their process of buying houses for cash, conducting thorough inspections, and working with contractors to prepare the homes for the market. She also shares a heartwarming story of a family they were able to help and how it inspired her passion in this field. 

Eric and Jules discuss: 

  • How Aunt Ida’s House helps seniors sell their homes quickly
  • The origin story of Aunt Ida’s House
  • The sped up closing process in times of need
  • How Aunt Ida’s House ensures the cleanliness and functionality of every house they offer their clients 
  • And more

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