Data Can Help You Provide Quality Advice with Matthew Radgowski

Matthew Radgowski is head of Advisor Services at Morningstar. Morningstar Advisor Services helps financial advisors harvest the power of Morningstar data and research and integrate it in the way they work.  

Doug and Matt sat down at the FSI OneVoice Summit and talked about Morningstar Advisor Services and their primary focus on discovering key trends that impact the delivery of advice and then delivering solutions that help advisors deliver quality advice to investors. They also discuss:

  • Key themes in today’s industry
  • Important regulatory trends and observations
  • Technology enabling hyper-personalization of client porfolios
  • Competition in the industry
  • How data can empower advisors to deliver quality advice

Resources:  Morningstar | Flyer Financial Technology

Recorded at the FSI OneVoice 2022  Presented by: