Building a Business From Scratch as a First-Gen Entrepreneur With Andrew McIntosh

While many businesses are passed down or built with inherited money, that’s not the case for what Andrew McIntosh calls the 1st Gen Entrepreneur.

First-generation entrepreneurs face more unique challenges like gaining influence, building a good reputation — and, of course, earning sales. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Andrew McIntosh, the founder of 1st Gen Entrepreneurs, about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur without having the luxury of a fancy (and expensive) business coach. 

Andrew discusses:

  • How 1st Gen Entrepreneurs provides business owners, like you, with invaluable advice without the premium price of a business coach
  • How being a CEO or any leader doesn’t mean you need to be the smartest in the room (and why you shouldn’t want to be the smartest in the room)
  • The community of advisors and leaders he’s gathered on 1st Gen Entrepreneurs and the resources they’re providing
  • How to know if hiring the more expensive & experienced candidate is the right call for your business
  • And more

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