Brand Building With Tony Stich

Building a brand is like building a great house, it needs to start with a strong foundation, you need structure, you need rooms to grow into, but you also need a little polish, and a splash of color.

When creating a brand from the ground up, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd as it can draw in customers or completely deter them away.

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by Tony Stich, executive at InvestCloud. Matt and Tony discuss how to position yourself when you are creating a brand, how to identify your audience and what they expect from your brand, as well as how you can use one defining element to center your brand around. 

Tony Stich discuss:

  • Common mistakes advisors should look out for when creating their brand
  • How a brand comes to life through the community it fosters
  • How Tony’s defining characteristic has helped him build connections
  • Marketing tactics to draw in long-lasting customers rather than just sales
  • And more

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