Alternative Assets: Friction, Solutions, and Investments with Joe Ujobai

Joe Ujobai is the Chief Executive Officer at Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), a digital platform built to improve the process for investing in alternatives and enable growth for the industry.

In this podcast, Doug and Joe discuss how AIX combines technology, workflows, and a great client experience to help the advisor get their investor into alternative investments.

They also discussed:

  • The background of AIX and what it offers from a tech perspective
  • How AIX works with and helps advisors be more successful
  • The current challenges that advisors are facing and what AIX is solving for them
  • How AIX helps reduce advisor’s friction and the other points of friction that can be seen from an industry-wide perspective
  • What types of alts advisors are looking for in their portfolios and why these specific ones 
  • How AIX is helping the overall alternative investment industry grow

Resources: AIX Alternative Investment Exchange