Advisors, Here’s Your Top To-Do List For 2022

Recorded by: Jack Martin  | InsurMark

If you are a financial advisor who makes your clients or prospects feel that you have a solution for uncertain times, you have an opportunity to exponentially grow in 2022. 

In this episode, Jack Martin sits down with ProudMouth’s CRO and co-founder, Matt Halloran. Together, they explore the importance of leveraging technology and effective communication skills to solidify your current client base and attract ideal clients through niche marketing. They also unveil the return on investment (ROI) time and money has into your business communication. 

Jack and Matt discuss:

  • The value of changing your approach when looking to  keep up with your clients
  • Niche marketing to generate more business and bring in more ideal clients
  • The five returns on investments (ROIs) when marketing to your prospects
  • Alphas to add to your business to strengthen client relationships
  • And more!

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